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Health Concerns for Seniors

Last updated 4 years ago

Seniors often have special health concerns. As you grow older, you could be at a higher risk of certain conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, and injuries from falling. You can support your overall well-being by scheduling regular wellness exams at your local hospital and by exploring senior-specific resources at the hospital. For example, your community hospital might offer preventive healthcare screenings and reviews of your medications.

Heart Disease

Each year, countless people visit the ER at their local hospital with serious cardiac problems, such as heart attack. Talk to your doctor about whether you could be at an increased risk of coronary artery disease (CAD), a common type of heart disease that can lead to a heart attack. CAD occurs when plaque accumulates along the interior walls of the coronary arteries, reducing blood flow. If you’re at risk of heart disease, your doctor might recommend some lifestyle changes. Medications can help those with CAD and other forms of heart disease.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is the most commonly diagnosed type of dementia that occurs when the cells in the brain begin to die off. Although it is quite common among seniors, Alzheimer’s is not an inevitable part of aging. You can preserve your cognitive function by becoming more socially active and leading an overall healthy lifestyle. Explore resources at your community hospital, such as support groups, classes, and other events to stay socially active.

Balance Problems

Seniors often experience balance problems, sometimes as a side effect of medications or because of an underlying medical condition such as blood circulation problems. Balance disorders can increase the risk of injuries from falls. If you experience dizziness or problems with coordination, talk to your doctor about therapeutic treatment and home modifications that can improve your safety. You might also consider taking a tai chi class to improve your balance and muscle tone.

At Memorial Hospital of Tampa, seniors can take advantage of our patient support resources, such as our preventive healthcare screenings, support groups, medication reviews, and classes like tai chi. The staff at our community hospital encourage seniors to become active participants in their healthcare, and to that end, all of our programs for seniors are complementary! Call our hospital in Tampa at (813) 873-6400 to reserve your place in our upcoming events!


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