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Managing Your Diabetes

Last updated 4 years ago

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease in which your body cannot use insulin properly to regulate your blood sugar levels. The cells become deprived of their energy source and your body continues to grow progressively more resistant to the effects of insulin. Although this disease is serious, there are ways of living well with diabetes. Your first step is developing a treatment plan with help from the diabetes care team at your community hospital. You can expect to schedule regular visits to the hospital to monitor your health.

Understand Your Condition

Your primary care physician is an important source of information about diabetes. However, your local hospital might also offer diabetes educational classes and support groups that can help you better understand your condition. By learning more about diabetes and how to manage it, you’re more likely to avoid its serious complications, and you’ll feel healthier and more energetic each day.

Follow Your Treatment Plan

Although lifestyle changes are important, many people with diabetes also need to take medications. Work with your doctor and your pharmacist to learn about your medications and follow the dosage schedule precisely. Learn about the potential for interactions and how to avoid these problems. Additionally, your doctor will provide you with a schedule for testing your blood sugar, such as before and after meals. Be sure to test your blood sugar as recommended.

Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Work with a nutritionist to develop a healthy meal plan to avoid blood sugar spikes. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, it’s time to start exercising regularly. Exercise reduces insulin resistance and enables better management of diabetes.

Undergo Regular Screenings

Diabetes increases your risk of numerous health complications, ranging from cardiovascular problems to eye damage. Visit your local hospital regularly for screening tests as recommended by your doctor. You should have an A1C test, cholesterol check, blood pressure evaluation, eye exam, and foot exam regularly.

Those with diabetes in the South Tampa area can find personalized and compassionate care at Memorial Hospital of Tampa. You can work with a doctor at our hospital to learn about testing your blood sugar, taking diabetes medications, and implementing lifestyle changes. New patients are always welcome to call us at (813) 873-6400 or visit our website to learn more about the resources available at our community hospital.


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