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Breaking Down Myths About Heart Disease

Last updated 3 years ago

Heart disease is a serious health issue for a vast number of Americans. Despite the widespread presence of heart disease across the United States, though, it remains a much misunderstood condition. Memorial Hospital of Tampa hopes to help the local South Tampa community better understand its risk for heart disease by learning about the myths that often surround it.                                                

Young People Don’t Get Heart Disease

A common misconception is that chronic diseases such as heart disease affect only older individuals. Though older age can raise the risk of heart disease, it is far from the only factor that controls who get it. Heart disease frequently results from poor lifestyle habits. As a result, young adults can suffer from it if they do not take steps to protect their heart health. Smoking, high cholesterol consumption, poor physical fitness, and stress can put even young people in danger for this disease.

Heart Disease Is Not Preventable

The myth that heart disease affects only older people is closely associated with the misconception that those with it cannot prevent it. On the contrary, because heart disease so commonly presents because of lifestyle choices, those at risk for it can take several steps to change the future of their health. Smoking cessation is one critical factor in heart disease prevention. Adhering to a regular exercise routine is another way to lower the chances of suffering from this disease.

Women Don’t Have to Worry About Heart Disease

Heart disease being a man’s disease is a persistent myth with dangerous ramifications. Women should understand that they too are at risk for this condition; in fact, heart disease is the primary cause of death for adult women in the United States. Women should also know that certain symptoms of heart disease, such as those for a heart attack, might be different from warning signs that present in men. While men often experience chest pain, women may suffer discomfort in other regions of the body, including the back and stomach. Only by knowing the facts of how this disease develops can women take action to stop it.

Are you at risk for heart disease? To get more information on this condition, call Memorial Hospital of Tampa at (813) 873-6400. Our friendly and informative associates in South Tampa can address your questions and concerns.



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