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A Guide to Breast Health

Last updated 3 years ago

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women, which is why Memorial Hospital of Tampa encourages women in South Tampa to become proactive about their breast health. Multiple resources are available to women that can help them prevent breast cancer and detect it when in its earlier, more treatable stages. To protect yourself from breast cancer, keep in mind these breast health suggestions:

Perform Self-Examinations

Breast care experts highly recommend that all adult women perform breast self-examinations on a monthly basis. When you do regular self-examinations, you can learn what is normal for your breasts. As a result, you can become the best expert regarding your breast health. Once you know how your breasts typically look and feel, should you find a lump or skin abnormality, you can seek professional help to determine what that change might indicate.

Establish Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Good breast health encompasses more than regular breast self-examinations. No matter how consistent you might be in checking your breasts for any unusual changes, you must abide by healthy lifestyle practices as well. Research indicates that certain habits can influence your risk of breast cancer. For instance, if you rarely engage in physical activity, it can impact your risk of breast cancer. Obesity, which may result from too little physical fitness, is another risk factor. So by exercising on a regular basis and better controlling your calorie usage, you can bolster your breast health.

Get Medical Screenings

A breast care expert can be an invaluable part of your breast health practices. Though self-examinations can help you become familiar with the normal characteristics of your breasts, clinical examinations can also protect you from breast disease. A doctor can identify and address subtle symptoms that may point to breast cancer or another health problem. Once you reach 40 years old, your physician may want to add a yearly mammogram to your preventive checkups. With this noninvasive test, your doctor can look for unusual growths inside the breast tissue that may not be apparent with only a clinical examination.

Is it time for you to get your annual clinical examination or mammogram? If so, call Memorial Hospital of Tampa at (813) 873-6400. Our Consult-A-Nurse associates can explain in greater detail what you can expect from these procedures and how they can protect your breast health.


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