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Exploring Non-Cancerous Breast Conditions

Last updated 3 years ago

Healthcare providers strongly advise women to visit their community hospitals to undergo screening mammograms, usually beginning at the age of 40. While this community hospital service is essential for detecting breast cancer in its early stages, not every abnormality of the breasts involves cancerous changes. Many women are diagnosed with non-cancerous, or benign, breast conditions such as fibrosis, cysts, and adenosis. If you’ve been diagnosed with a breast abnormality, a physician at your local hospital can help you learn what it means for your health.


Fibrosis is one of the non-cancerous breast conditions that may cause breast lumps. If you have fibrosis, it means that fibrous tissue has formed within the breasts. Areas of fibrosis may feel hard, rubbery, or firm. You do not need to undergo any particular treatment as fibrosis is not dangerous.


In addition to fibrosis, some women develop simple cysts of the breasts. Cysts are round lumps that are movable. They consist of fluid-filled sacs. You might notice that these lumps become bigger and increasingly tender before your menstrual period. When you visit a physician at your local hospital because of breast cysts, you can expect to undergo needle aspiration. This enables the healthcare provider to confirm that the lump is not cancerous and it can alleviate the discomfort. If your cysts are particularly painful, you may opt to have them removed. However, be aware that they can recur.


Adenosis, or adenosis tumor, refers to the enlargement of the breast lobules. This condition may be detectable during a breast exam. Since the doctor at your local hospital will be unable to discern whether the lump is caused by adenosis, cancer, or another condition, you may be asked to undergo diagnostic tests such as a mammogram and a biopsy.

Women throughout Tampa can receive comprehensive breast care at Memorial Hospital of Tampa. Our community hospital prides itself on offering sophisticated diagnostic techniques and extensive patient education. If you would like to speak with a registered nurse, you may call our hospital’s Consult-A-Nurse line at (813) 873-6400.


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