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    The Link Between Diabetes and Vision Problems

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Memorial Hospital of Tampa recognizes the importance of providing healthcare services tailored to the needs of those with diabetes. This condition is a growing problem in the United States, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that approximately a third of all Americans may have diabetes in as little as 40 years. Though diabetes is a metabolic disease, its impact affects many major health systems, including the eyes.

    How Diabetes Can Affect Eye Health

    Diabetes can deteriorate eye health in several ways. Blood sugar regulation is the primary concern among diabetic individuals. Without insulin injections, blood sugar remains in the bloodstream, where it can damage blood vessels and nerves. The small blood vessels that reside near the eyes can experience significant deterioration due to blood sugar issues. As they break down, they may leak blood or attempt to form new capillaries, actions that can further impact vision. Diabetes can also negatively impact the lenses of the eyes and the fluids inside them.

    What Eye Conditions Diabetes Can Cause

    Diabetic retinopathy, a term used to describe the many ways that diabetes can cause the decline of the retina and its blood vessels, is a common eyesight complication of diabetic sufferers. Because diabetes can heighten the risk of fluid buildup within the eye, it can also increase the dangers of glaucoma. Though cataracts are a condition that many non-diabetic individuals experience, it often occurs with greater frequently among those with this metabolic issue.

    Why Diabetes Sufferers Should Get Regular Vision Checkups

    Many eye conditions, including retinopathy and glaucoma, can progress over months or years without noticeable symptoms. The damage they cause is irreversible, though, which is why ophthalmologists urge individuals with diabetes to get vision checkups on a consistent basis. Even if a patient has no noticeable symptoms, an eye doctor can evaluate the eyes and detect early signs of these diseases before they inflict extensive damage. Ophthalmologists can also prescribe treatment options to either manage conditions such as retinopathy and glaucoma or eliminate issues such as cataracts.

    Don’t let diabetes rob you of your eye health. Call Memorial Hospital of Tampa today at (813) 873-6400 to learn more about the vision problems that it can cause. We can see to it that you enjoy strong and clear vision for years to come.

    Could You Be Suffering from an Anxiety Disorder?

    Last updated 3 years ago

    The pressures of work, family, and finances can often cause stress in life. Yet for most people, once the project deadline has passed or fight has been resolved, so too does their anxiety. If you are living with an anxiety disorder, though, tension and fear can persist for months or years. However, help is available. The first step to getting treatment for an anxiety disorder is to know what it is and how it might present. For more information, contact Memorial Hospital of Tampa.

    Types of Anxiety Disorders

    Anxiety disorder is an umbrella term for any one of several conditions that can impact mental health. For instance, post-traumatic stress disorder is a type of anxiety disorder that might develop if you suffer intense emotional distress in response to a life-threatening situation. If ordinary circumstances such as flying or seeing a spider cause an extreme emotional reaction, you might suffer from a phobia. Fear and anxiety induced by social events or even thoughts of social interactions may be due to a social anxiety disorder.

    Warning Signs of an Anxiety Disorder

    Different types of anxiety disorders have distinct causal factors, but many of them share the same warning signs. Extreme emotional distress is the most common symptom of anxiety disorders. Many people with anxiety feel terror or dread when a situation triggers their condition. Yet an anxiety disorder can also produce physical side effects. Some people might feel sick to their stomachs. Others may break out into a sweat. A rapid heartbeat is also common among anxiety disorder sufferers.

    Treatment for Anxiety Disorders

    If you often experience overwhelming fear, panic, or physical complications when faced with a particular situation, you may have an anxiety disorder. With professional treatment, though, you can effectively manage your symptoms and regain a better quality of life. Many anxiety disorder patients find success with medication, therapy, or a combination of treatment services. To get the help you need, it’s imperative to speak with a mental health professional as soon as possible.

    Let Memorial Hospital of Tampa help you get control over your anxiety disorder. To speak with a Consult-A-Nurse representative about your symptoms, call (813) 873-6400. You can also visit our website for more information about our mental health services.

    Common Causes of Macular Degeneration

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Macular degeneration is a major cause of vision loss in the United States. It takes its name from the macula, the part of the retina that suffers damage as the disease progresses. Because the macula is responsible for clear central vision, individuals with macular degeneration can suffer a significant deterioration of eyesight. Though eye care experts do not fully understand the reasons why macular degeneration occurs in some people, they do know that older age is a key component in its development. Lifestyle factors can also impact the onset of macular degeneration. Excessive weight and tobacco usage in particular have been found to heighten the risk of this progressive disease.

    An annual eye examination is one of the most important actions you can take to protect your eye health. If you are overdue for a vision checkup, now is the time to call Memorial Hospital of Tampa. Contact us at (813) 873-6400 to find out more about how early detection of diseases such as macular degeneration can protect you from serious vision loss.

    A Guide to Breast Health

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women, which is why Memorial Hospital of Tampa encourages women in South Tampa to become proactive about their breast health. Multiple resources are available to women that can help them prevent breast cancer and detect it when in its earlier, more treatable stages. To protect yourself from breast cancer, keep in mind these breast health suggestions:

    Perform Self-Examinations

    Breast care experts highly recommend that all adult women perform breast self-examinations on a monthly basis. When you do regular self-examinations, you can learn what is normal for your breasts. As a result, you can become the best expert regarding your breast health. Once you know how your breasts typically look and feel, should you find a lump or skin abnormality, you can seek professional help to determine what that change might indicate.

    Establish Healthy Lifestyle Habits

    Good breast health encompasses more than regular breast self-examinations. No matter how consistent you might be in checking your breasts for any unusual changes, you must abide by healthy lifestyle practices as well. Research indicates that certain habits can influence your risk of breast cancer. For instance, if you rarely engage in physical activity, it can impact your risk of breast cancer. Obesity, which may result from too little physical fitness, is another risk factor. So by exercising on a regular basis and better controlling your calorie usage, you can bolster your breast health.

    Get Medical Screenings

    A breast care expert can be an invaluable part of your breast health practices. Though self-examinations can help you become familiar with the normal characteristics of your breasts, clinical examinations can also protect you from breast disease. A doctor can identify and address subtle symptoms that may point to breast cancer or another health problem. Once you reach 40 years old, your physician may want to add a yearly mammogram to your preventive checkups. With this noninvasive test, your doctor can look for unusual growths inside the breast tissue that may not be apparent with only a clinical examination.

    Is it time for you to get your annual clinical examination or mammogram? If so, call Memorial Hospital of Tampa at (813) 873-6400. Our Consult-A-Nurse associates can explain in greater detail what you can expect from these procedures and how they can protect your breast health.

    Breaking Down Myths About Heart Disease

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Heart disease is a serious health issue for a vast number of Americans. Despite the widespread presence of heart disease across the United States, though, it remains a much misunderstood condition. Memorial Hospital of Tampa hopes to help the local South Tampa community better understand its risk for heart disease by learning about the myths that often surround it.                                                

    Young People Don’t Get Heart Disease

    A common misconception is that chronic diseases such as heart disease affect only older individuals. Though older age can raise the risk of heart disease, it is far from the only factor that controls who get it. Heart disease frequently results from poor lifestyle habits. As a result, young adults can suffer from it if they do not take steps to protect their heart health. Smoking, high cholesterol consumption, poor physical fitness, and stress can put even young people in danger for this disease.

    Heart Disease Is Not Preventable

    The myth that heart disease affects only older people is closely associated with the misconception that those with it cannot prevent it. On the contrary, because heart disease so commonly presents because of lifestyle choices, those at risk for it can take several steps to change the future of their health. Smoking cessation is one critical factor in heart disease prevention. Adhering to a regular exercise routine is another way to lower the chances of suffering from this disease.

    Women Don’t Have to Worry About Heart Disease

    Heart disease being a man’s disease is a persistent myth with dangerous ramifications. Women should understand that they too are at risk for this condition; in fact, heart disease is the primary cause of death for adult women in the United States. Women should also know that certain symptoms of heart disease, such as those for a heart attack, might be different from warning signs that present in men. While men often experience chest pain, women may suffer discomfort in other regions of the body, including the back and stomach. Only by knowing the facts of how this disease develops can women take action to stop it.

    Are you at risk for heart disease? To get more information on this condition, call Memorial Hospital of Tampa at (813) 873-6400. Our friendly and informative associates in South Tampa can address your questions and concerns.



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